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From Our Backyard: Fresh Housemade Sausages

If you’re doing some grilling over the Fourth of July weekend – and chances are pretty good that you are – may I make a suggestion? Try some of our house-made sausages from our meat market. Sure, I may be biased, but I think these are some of the best fresh sausages you can get, and almost all of them taste even better when you add the smoky, caramelized flavor you can only get from a grill.

We make sausage every day right in our market, and we have more than 50 varieties in our repertoire. There’s sweet Italian sausage and spicy-hot Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and every kind of bratwurst you can imagine – pork, German, turkey, chicken, even bratwurst spiced up with spinach or blueberries or cheese. We even make our own chorizo.

The recipes were developed during a six-month testing phase in our culinary center before FRESH even opened. For months, we made sausage every day, and let as many as 30 people taste each version. The recipes we went with were all chosen by popular vote. If a majority didn’t like a particular sausage, we either kept adjusting the recipe or ditched the idea altogether.

We start with the best ingredients, of course. All our pork sausages are made with natural pork, which is raised much the same way as organic pork but does not carry that certification. Our poultry sausage is made with hand-selected turkeys or chickens. We use custom-blended spices and fresh cheeses, vegetables and, in flavors like our maple and apple breakfast patty, delicious dried fruit.

And it’s just as important to note what’s NOT in our sausage: There’s no MSG. No nitrates or nitrites. No unnatural or artificial flavorings. And no preservatives, period.

Because they have no preservatives, you should cook or freeze these within two days of purchase. (They freeze beautifully because of the lack of preservatives and other artificial flavors.)

So your biggest decision? Choosing which flavor to try. We’re happy to help you out there: We cook sausage and hand out samples every day, and if you see something else you’d like to try, let us know. We’ll cook it up while you do the rest of your shopping, and you can drop back by in a few minutes and have a taste.