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FRESH In: Party-ready Seafood Platters

A seafood platter is a great idea to serve at a summer cocktail party or special dinner, and now we’re making it even easier for you: We’ll custom-make a platter with whatever favorite fish or shellfish you pick from our market counter – plus one or more of our house-made sauces.

Start by choosing your seafood. Anything we carry in the department  can be included on a platter. We’ll steam shrimp (shell-on or shell-off) and crawfish, arrange chilled oysters on the half-shell, and make up sushi rolls, sashimi or our special-recipe crab cakes.

Then, pick a sauce. We make four fresh sauces right in our seafood department, from recipes I created just for FRESH:

Texas tartar sauce: A jazzed-up version of tartar sauce, with fresh dill, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, relish and just a touch of Louisiana hot sauce.

Creole cocktail sauce: A Louisiana-style tomato-based cocktail sauce, with lots of kick from horseradish, fresh lemon juice and Crystal hot sauce, a favorite in Louisiana.

Remoulade: The traditional rich, creamy seafood sauce, with capers, fresh tarragon, and horseradish.

Ravigote sauce: My version of the traditional Creole sauce, which I’ve been making since my days cooking at New Orleans’ Commander’s Palace. It’s intensely flavored and made with just a few great ingredients, including chopped boiled eggs, Creole mustard, capers and horseradish. It’s especially good with shrimp or crab cakes.

For best service, we suggest you order at least a few hours ahead of pickup, but you can also just step up to the counter, and we’ll prepare your platter while you do the rest of your shopping.

The cost for all this? You just pay for the seafood, plus $7.95 for a small platter or $9.95 for a large platter. (Each platter comes with one sauce; you can buy extras a la carte.) Depending on what kind of seafood you select, and how much, a small platter can serve up to 10-12 people as an appetizer course, and a large one can serve as many as 18 to 20.