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FRESH and Festive: Tempting Tropical Flowers

Some people think tropical flowers are an acquired taste, but if that’s true, it’s a taste I acquired a long time ago. With their shocking-bright colors, large blooms and angular shapes, tropicals make a striking impact in any arrangement, and they can really transform a room.

This week, you can get one of our premium mixed tropical bouquets, with three to four exotic blooms and lush greenery, for a special price of  just $9.99. But I think our tropicals – like ginger, bird of paradise and heliconia are always a good deal. Here’s why:

Long-lived tropicals: For one thing, they last longer than many other flowers. Properly cared for, a tropical bouquet will stay fresh and vibrant for up to two weeks! (For longest life, trim ends at home before placing flowers in clean water in a clean vase. Change water every two to three days, before it gets cloudy.)

Partly, tropicals last longer because they’re just sturdy flowers, meant to bloom through intense heat and heavy tropical rains. And partly, it’s because most of our tropicals are shipped Fed-Ex directly from the farms in Costa Rica, so they’re super-fresh when they arrive in our floral market.

They dry beautifully: Tropical blooms dry naturally and beautifully, without much work if any from you. Dried, they’ll last indefinitely, yet still provide a big splash of color and impact.

Great selection: What we have in the floral department varies from day to day, depending on what’s in season and available, but we generally have most of the following:

  • Ginger: This cone-shaped flower is the bloom of the ginger root – yes, the same spice you eat.
  • Bird of paradise: This colorful flower gets its name from its large flowerhead, said to resemble a bird in flight.
  • Heliconia: These are sometimes called “false bird of paradise” because they resemble the other flower, except with blooms more in a spray, rather than resembling a bird.
  • Protea: Big, colorful flowers with many petals.
  • Musa coccinea: Actually a type of ornamental banana plant. The fruit it produces are inedible. This plant produces beautiful red flowers.
  • Orchid: More delicate than other tropicals, most of our exotic orchids come to us from flower farms in Hawaii.