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From Our Freshologists: Tyler Florence, In Your Kitchen

I have loved chef Tyler Florence since his early days on the Food Network, back when he used to host that Food 911 show, where he showed struggling home cooks how to fix their ill-advised recipes. I used to wish that he’d materialize in my kitchen and tell me just where I was going wrong with that Hollandaise sauce.

So of course when I saw that FRESH has stocked some of his cooking sauces in the  sauce/marinade aisle, I had to try them. A California Cabernet marinade for lamb or pork? An Asian-inspired honey-soy marinade that sounds great with shrimp? A spicy-sweet apple-Dijon glaze for pork chops or chicken? It would be just like having a Food Network star in my kitchen, minus the TV cameras, and the studio audience.

My absolute favorite, though, is his Classic Pot Roast Sauce, flavored with earthy porcini mushrooms, Cabernet, balsamic vinegar, and onions. It’s savory without being overpowering, and tastes natural and homemade, not like something that comes from a jar.

But it is perfect for the time-starved (or inexperienced) cook. Just brown a steak, roast or other cut of beef, then add the sauce and cook. You can even use it with your Crockpot. And unlike some commercial marinades and cooking sauces, it’s not overly loaded with fat. A half-cup serving has just four grams of fat.

The chef recommends using this sauce with a nice cut of beef, like a shoulder roast. But I’ve gotten rave reviews cooking it with a humble hamburger steak, and pouring it over chunky mashed potatoes. Next time, I may just serve it in a bowl, with a straw. I don’t think the chef would have a problem with that.

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