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From Our Backyard: Water With a Crazy-Good Story

Crazy Water is one of those Texas tales with at least a little bit of truth and a whole lot of good story.

Back more than a century ago, the little town of Mineral Wells, about an hour west of Fort Worth, briefly was a booming health resort. This was in the height of the mineral water spa craze, and people came from all over to “take the waters” from the natural mineral springs that flowed through the town.

Back then, mineral water was prescribed as the cure for what ailed you – arthritis, stomach problems, liver issues, general illness. Of all the wells and springs in Mineral Wells, the “Crazy Water” well was the most famous of them. It got its name because its waters reportedly helped a woman with dementia, and the name stuck. Even though the heyday of the mineral water passed and the resorts closed generations ago, there’s still a Crazy Water Retirement Home in town, in the building that once housed a resort spa.

And, you can still drink Crazy Water from Mineral Wells. It’s bottled by the Famous Mineral Water Company, which also still operates a pavilion where you can still order up a glass or fill your own bottles, just like the old days. The current owners have operated the company for more than ten years, capitalizing on the popularity of bottled water as an everyday beverage.

Crazy Water mineral waters have no added minerals – just the naturally occurring minerals that come from the source. These include trace amounts of  magnesium, calcium, fluoride, lithium, and potassium. (Lithium is a mineral that has been used to treat mental illness, suggesting there may be something to that Crazy Water story after all.) The mineral content varies by the label number, with the #4 having the highest mineral content and #2 the lowest.

While companies are no longer allowed to make health claims for any mineral water, some users continue to say consuming mineral water helps with ailments from arthritis to acid reflux. Me? I like a great story, just as much as I enjoy the taste of this refreshing, natural Texas mineral water.

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