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FRESH In: Spreadable Cookies

The best way I can describe Biscoff Spread? That it tastes like “melted cookies.”

Because, well, that’s pretty much what it is. Biscoff Spread is a new, nut-free, European alternative to peanut butter – made from, yes, cookies.

But not just any cookies. Biscoff Spread is made of pulverized Biscoff cookies – crisp, delicate cookies, kinda like cinnamon-flavored gingersnaps. If you’ve flown Delta Airlines in the last decade, you’ve probably gotten them as a snack.

Europeans have been eating Biscoff cookies forever; they’re basically the national cookie of Belgium. (In Europe, they’re often called speculoos.)  But the idea of turning them into something you could spread on toast came up only a few years ago. On, of all things, a reality show.

It seems there’s a show in Belgium where inventors pitch their ideas, wacky and non-wacky, to prospective investors. One contestant pitched her homemade cookie spread. Afterward, Lotus Foods, which makes the cookies, worked with her to get it on the market. It’s been available in Europe for a few years, but has just started making its way to the states in the last year or two.

OK, OK…. But how does it taste? It’s very sweet – along the lines of Nutella except with no chocolate. Or like peanut butter, with a flavor of cinnamon, ginger and caramel instead of nuts.

Actually, you may have tried it at FRESH already. We often offer it as a sample by the CocoPop machine, and it’s really delicious spread on something light and crisp like that. I also like it on whole wheat bread or crackers, or on apple slices – the tarter the apple, the better.  But I could also see, in a particularly weak moment, just sitting down with the jar and a spoon, and trying it on everything in my pantry. Because, really, what’s better than something that makes everything it touches taste like cookies?

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