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FRESH In: FRESH-Roasted Meats

What I like best about the house-roasted meats in our charcuterie department is what’s NOT in them.

No preservatives. No additives or injected water. And no nitrates.

Back when FRESH was being planned, we decided that we wanted to offer a real choice at our charcuterie counter. So in addition to stocking your favorite brands of commercially roasted and smoked deli meats, we make our own daily.

By handling this in-house, we get to control what goes in our meat, and that means we can avoid sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. (Most commercially prepared cold cuts contain one of those substances, as a preservative and to stabilize flavors.)

Besides that, I think our house-roasted beef and turkey are the freshest, most flavorful meats that you can put on a sandwich. It’s because we start with the best cuts of meat – whole turkey breasts, tender inside round or eye of round cuts for the beef.

We add our proprietary herbs and spices, developed just for us. (Our herb-roasted turkey gets a mix of rosemary and sage; Montreal steak gets a blend of garlic, crushed red pepper and sea salt.) And then we slow-roast them, so they come out tender and deeply flavored.  We have six varieties in our repertoire at the moment, and most of them are available every day.

Because they don’t contain nitrates or other preservatives, our house-roasted meats have a slightly shorter shelf life than commercially produced cold cuts. They are best eaten fairly quickly, within three to five days of purchase. In my house, at least, that has not been a problem.