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Well and Good: East Texas Beauty

Right down the road in Edom, LuAnn Gardner is making a line of natural body-care products I just love, based on a philosophy I embrace. Her Body by LuAnn soaps, scrubs, creams and ointments are made from all-natural ingredients, many of them locally sourced, and all formulated to be effective as well as healthy.

Her own search for natural products began years ago, when she realized she had developed small bumps on her arms. She switched from commercial soaps to natural ones, at the suggestion of a friend who was making and selling natural cleansers. Soon, she realized her skin felt smoother, cleaner and healthier.

When that friend decided to go off to study to become a holistic doctor, LuAnn decided to buy the business herself. She’d always played around with soapmaking, and so now, she uses some of her friend’s formulas, and many she created herself.

LuAnn believes that since we’re inundated with chemicals and dyes in our daily environment, in ways we often can’t control, it makes sense to avoid them in the things we CAN control. Like soaps and oils. Each of her products, like her olive oil soap, is made with NO sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic dyes or parabens – all ingredients that can cause skin irritations in some people.

And, where possible, LuAnn gets her natural ingredients locally. Her honey comes from an East Texas beekeeper, her goat milk from a Hawkins farmer, and many of her herbs, like lavender, from an Austin company.

Her personal favorites, she says, are some of the healing products, like BooBoo, a holistic alternative to over-the-counter antibiotic ointments, made from essential oils that are great for treating minor cuts and burns. But you should also check out some of her gentle, natural soaps and creams, which will give your skin a natural glow.

LuAnn will be at FRESH on Saturday, May 7, offering demos and samples of some of her products and speaking about natural ingredients, health and beauty. Come meet her!