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From Our Backyard: Wild About A Wild Soap Bar

What’s interesting A Wild Soap Bar Company isn’t just what’s in these natural soaps – things like real bluebonnets, wildflowers, herbs and mustang grapes.

It’s what’s NOT in these soaps. Nothing artificial. Nothing synthetic. No products made from petroleum. No animal fats (usually called sodium tallowate on labels). No weird preservatives, parabens, TEA, artificial dyes, or other harmful chemicals.

Instead, these bulk and pre-packaged soaps use gentle olive, coconut, sunflower, castor and organic palm oils. Their scents are derived from responsibly wild crafted organic botanicals from their farm or nearby land and pure essential oils.

These soaps are the vision of company founder Maggie Hanus. Fifteen years ago, she  decided to parlay her interest in native plants and herbalism into the soap business. The company is still family-owned and operated in Manor, Texas, just outside Austin.

There, they handmake each batch of soap, using a slow, cold-process method, which preserves more of the natural ingredients. Each ingredient is selected to do a specific job: Organic extra virgin olive oil, the base, because it’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients for your skin. Organic coconut oil to produce lather. Organic palm oil to give the soaps longer life. Organic sunflower oil because it’s good for skin. Blended with botanicals and essential oils, the end result is natural soap that leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, well-moisturized and above all, clean.

We sell many of the company’s most popular pre-packaged soaps by the bar, including bluebonnet, wild carrot, cedar wood and yucca root, a combination soap-shampoo bar. But they also make us our exclusive bulk soaps, in three proprietary scents, fresh spice, fresh herbal, and fresh wildflowers. You can buy just a sliver or a big hunk, all by the ounce, in our bulk/healthy living department.

Oh, and one other reason to support this Texas company: Soaps are packaged  minimally, with recycled materials, and a portion of the company’s profits are donated to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, and, which helps provide soap to those in need around the world.