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From Our Backyard: Tootie Beauty

First off, Tootie Pie isn’t just a cute play on words. There really was a Tootie. That would be Ruby Lorraine “Tootie” Feagan, who became a pie-making legend for the pastries she used to turn out in her bakery in little Medina, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country.

When she was ready to retire several years back, Tootie sold all her recipes to the company that launched the Tootie Pie Co. And the company went about bringing her pies to the world. They sell to restaurants, they’ve opened pie cafes in San Antonio and Dallas, they offer pies online, and now they’re providing fully baked, ready-to-serve gourmet pies at FRESH.

Tootie was originally famous for her apple pies, partly because Medina is a major apple-growing area, and partly because of the sheer size of her “original” apple pie. It’s made with six pounds of apples, and the slices are about twice as thick as other ready-to-serve pies you’d find in the freezer case.

But really, all Tootie Pies deserve the hype. If pies really have become “the new cupcake,” then I wish all pies tasted like Tootie’s. These are the real deal. The buttermilk pie is almost as creamy and decadent as cream brulee. The pecan pie bursts with fresh Texas pecans, in a caramel-y, gooey filling. And all the pies have Tootie’s signature crust; not too heavy, perfectly flaky, with just the right amount of salt to balance it all out.

The pies are still baked in the Texas Hill Country, down in Boerne, using Tootie’s recipes. They are frozen the day they’re baked, then shipped to our store, where you’ll find them in the freezer case. You can store a Tootie Pie in the refrigerator for up to a week, or in the freezer for several weeks – but only if you have better willpower than I do. When I see a Tootie Pie, I want to just grab a fork and dig in.