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From Our Backyard: Crazy Names, Serious Peanuts

It’s really hard to take Lord Nut Levington peanuts seriously. Until you taste them.

Then you realize that the crazy names – El Cheddarales, Thai Dyed – and the tongue-in-cheek branding can’t hide the fact that these are really tasty peanuts.

Thai Dyed? A complex, fragrant dusting of spices including lemongrass and Thai curry. El Cheddarales? Those are flavored with sharp cheddar cheese and zippy jalapeno. And Rebel Mary? Like a Bloody Mary in peanut form.

The five Lord Nut Levington varieties are the first retail product from Holy Cow, LLC, based in Irving, Texas. The label credits Lord Levington, an eccentric gentleman with a handlebar moustache and a penchant for flowery language, for creating the flavors. But actually, that task fell to company founder , Sanjiv Patel.

An accountant from London who earned his MBA in the United States, Patel spent several years as the finance guy at a boutique snack company on the East Coast. When that company was sold a few years back, Patel decided to launch his own snack company, choosing peanuts as his first product because “they seem at least a little healthier than a deep-fried potato.”

To come up with the flavors, Patel studied restaurant menus, supermarket shelves, and food magazines. Rebel Mary was inspired by a virgin Bloody Mary he enjoyed at a bar in London. Mamma Mia, flavored with tomato, garlic and cheese, was his attempt to capture pizza in a peanut. Cinnapalooza, with its apples, cinnamon and vanilla flavors,  was the company’s nod to apple pie.

Not everything Patel dreamed up worked. There’s a reason, for instance, that they’re not selling coffee-flavored  peanuts. And though he really, really wanted peanut-butter-and-jelly flavored peanuts, they could never get the taste just right.

But he’s got time to work on it. Lord Nut Levington is a brand-new concept; FRESH is the first retail store in Texas where you can buy them! So come pick up a can or two and see just how good crazy flavors can taste.

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