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FRESH In: Belly Up to the Juice Bar

Fresh-squeezed juice just tastes better. It’s the best kind of “raw” food. But unless you have one of those fancy juicers, making it yourself is messy, time-consuming and probably more hassle than you feel like going through on an average morning.

So we take the hassle factor out, with our juice bar in the produce section. Plus, we have access to all the freshest, most gorgeous fruits and vegetables, and that’s what we feed into our state-of-the-art juicers every day.

We have more than 25 varieties in our playbook, but only make a few each day, depending on what’s fresh and seasonal, and what guests ask for most often. You’ll almost always find apple, orange, lemonade and strawberry lemonade.

Others – like carrot, beet, grape, and combos like carrot/pineapple or apple/lemon/ginger – show up less frequently, with the biggest selection available on the weekends. (You can always ask for your favorite, however. We’ll even make organic juice upon request.) And others, like watermelon and pomegranate, will be made more frequently when those fruits come into peak season.

Haven’t tried any yet? Here’s more you need to know:

  • Our fresh juices are handmade by our partners each day, in sophisticated juicers that squeeze out every bit of juice and flavor, making for a fuller, richer taste.
  • The vast majority contain just fruits and/or veggies. Only the lemonade, limeade and strawberry lemonade are sweetened with additional sugar.
  • Because they are not pasteurized, and no preservatives or stabilizers are added, they have a shelf life of three days. They’re stocked on ice in our bar, and must be kept refrigerated at home. So drink up!
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