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A FRESH Point of View: Bulk Up at the Bulk Bar

The bulk department at FRESH is one of my favorite places to shop, and not just because I work here. No, it’s because I love our selection of bulk grains, candies, granola, nuts, spices, teas and more. And, because shopping in the bulk bar makes a lot of sense:

You can buy as little (or, within reason, as much) as you need. You’re the only one in the family who likes quinoa, or Turkish figs? Just get enough for you. Or, if you go through tons of rice or flour, you can arrange to buy an entire 25-pound package of many of our bulk goods. Just inquire at the department to place an order.

It’s an inexpensive way to shop. Because you’re only buying what you need, you don’t end up wasting, or tossing, unused product. (This is especially great with things like spices, that are best when used close to purchase date.) Bulk goods are also economically priced, compared to many pre-packaged, individually wrapped products.

Less wasteful packaging. Bulk products are “greener” because you aren’t bringing home a lot of excessive packaging; just the container or bag you put the product in. And you’re not even paying for the package. Our scales have been calibrated to take the weight of the container into account, so you pay only for the product you purchase.

A great way to add new items to your diet: Because you can buy just a little, it’s easy and fun to experiment with that new whole grain or sample that new granola. Bonus: When you print out the label for your bulk purchase, you usually get a recipe or serving suggestion, so you know how to cook those adzuki beans or jasmine rice.

Great variety: Our selection changes frequently, but we carry a large variety of products: 13 kinds of beans. 15 kinds of nuts. Six kinds of rice. 17 kinds of granolas. 21 dried fruits. We also have both staple and exotic varieties of sugar, flour, grains, candy and teas. Here are some products I just love:

  • Refried bean mix: Just add water, heat and serve! Delicious and filling. I also like the mixes that let you quickly make your own hummus, veggie burgers and tabouli.
  • Purple jasmine rice: Fragrant, colorful, nutty.
  • Milk chocolate sundrops: Like M&Ms, except with no artificial colors.
  • New England Supernatural Granola: This unusual granola gets texture from puffed corn and is sweetened by agave nectar and brown rice syrup.
  • Jelly pebbles: Jelly beans, with color provided by fruit juices – perfect for those trying to avoid artificial colorants for health or personal reasons. These are often found in the pre-packed section in the bulk department or by the main checkout stands.