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Well and Good: Go Greek – Yogurt

Sometimes a certain food will suddenly become more popular because chefs discover it; sometimes it’s because the scientific community finds the food delivers great health benefits. And sometimes it’s just because the food just tastes great.

Greek yogurt is one of those foods that covers all three bases.

Thicker and creamier than standard yogurt, Greek yogurt can become a downright addiction. It’s delicious eaten plain, or with fruit or granola. It’s wonderful used in recipes like tzatziki sauce, a cucumber and herb sauce traditionally used for gyros but also great with grilled meats, or stirred into smoothies or salad dressings. You can even bake with it, using it as substitute for buttermilk or sour cream.

But what I really love about Greek yogurt is that it’s a wonderfully healthy food to add to your diet.

It’s higher in protein than standard yogurt; most varieties have two times as much protein as other yogurts, or about 20 grams of protein in a single serving.

It’s lower in carbohydrates than other types, making it a great choice for diabetics or those who are watching their carb intake for weight control or other reasons.

And, because of the way it’s made (extra straining, to remove whey and water content), it’s lower in lactose than standard yogurt. Some people who are sensitive to lactose and must limit or refrain from eating regular yogurt or dairy products can do just fine with Greek yogurt.

This isn’t to say Greek yogurt is always the better choice. You still need to read the label: It does not generally offer as much calcium as standard yogurt. Sweetened versions can be heavy on sugar content, and full-fat versions can have more fat than other commercial varieties. However, that’s where the creaminess of Greek yogurt is a bonus; even fat-free Greek yogurt is so rich and thick, you may not even miss the fat!

FRESH offers a great selection of Greek yogurts, plain and flavored, fat-free and full-fat, and by many popular brands, including Chobani, Brown Cow, Fage and Greek Gods.