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From Our Backyard: Microgreens, Major Flavor

Even more petite than baby lettuces, microgreens are the new frontier in miniature vegetables. These tiny but fully formed greens provide a crisp, intense alternative to sprouts and herbs, and chefs love them for their flavor and freshness; microgreens grow from seed to fully formed in as little as five days.

Once just found in finer restaurants, microgreens have slowly come to the market for home cooks, too.

The microgreens at FRESH come from Genes Greens, a small family-run grower in Keller, a suburb just northeast of Fort Worth. Founder Geno Stille once worked in the grocery business, but decided he wanted to work on the production side of things. Several years ago, he moved his family from California to Texas, built a greenhouse and started raising the tiny greens, initially selling to restaurants but then branching out to specialty markets as well.

You’ll be tempted to buy microgreens just for their cuteness; the micro-cilantro and micro-arugula, for instance, look just like micro-sized versions of their full-grown selves.

But they have a crisp texture that holds up especially well on sandwiches and salads, where full-sized greens sometimes go limp quickly. And most microgreens have a flavor that is more intense, but less biting, than their mature cousins.

We’re looking forward to trying some of these microgreen varieties with some of the ideas Stille suggests on his website: Paired with a citrus-spiked mayo and fresh salsa on ahi tuna. Or adorning a salmon taco with avocado, heirloom tomatoes and a raspberry vinaigrette.

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