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From Our Backyard: Crispy Kale Snacks

Kale is one of those super-healthy superfoods that we all know we ought to eat more of – but that isn’t always an easy promise to keep. Unless you really know how to cook greens, kale can be a little bitter and hard to love. And some kale-based snacks we’ve tried have left us cold.

But then we found Rhythm Kale Chips. Kale in a bag, all salty and seasoned and crispy? We’re in.

Made down in Austin, these all-organic chips are made with kale that’s been dehydrated at a very low heat rather than baked or fried. The kale chips are seasoned with vegan spice mixes to give each flavor a kick – our favorite is Bombay Curry, with a hint of coconut, ginger and Indian spice, but there are also nacho and ranch versions.

You not only get all the nutritional benefits of kale, with all its vitamins, minerals and fiber, but this is a salty snack that doesn’t make you feel guilty. Each serving – and there are two in each bag – has only about 100 calories, about one-third of those from fat. And each serving has as much Vitamin A as you need in an entire day!

The Austin folks behind this company know their stuff. Rhythm Superfoods is a sister company to Daily Juice, an Austin juice bar and raw foods café that serves up veggie and fruit juices and smoothies, with good-for-you vegan ingredients like acai berries, wheatgrass and raw brown rice protein.

But even if you’ve no intention of going vegan, or even vegetarian, this is a snack that makes it easy to love kale.