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From our Backyard: Austin City Pancakes

In Austin, breakfast at Kerbey Lane is a time-honored tradition. If, in the past 30 years, you’ve lived in Austin, or went to school in Austin, or even just visited there, chances are good you spent at least one lazy weekend morning (or really late night) there, lingering over a platter of migas, French toast or pancakes.

Oh, yes, the pancakes. The five Kerbey Lane Café locations in Austin are especially famous for their pancakes, and offer new flavors seasonally. (Pumpkin in the fall, lemon poppyseed in the spring, for instance.) Thick, fluffy, and filling enough to last you way past lunch, these pancakes are positively inspiring, so good that they’ve probably prompted some early-morning road trips to Austin all on their own.

But now, you can enjoy Kerbey Lane pancakes in your own kitchen. A few years ago, Kerbey Lane started selling branded pancake mix at markets in Central Texas. At FRESH, we’re happy that we’re now carrying several flavors, including buttermilk, apple whole wheat, and the famous gingerbread.

Like any commercial pancake mix, you just have to add a few ingredients (egg, water, oil if you like), then griddle as directed. Easy. But, in keeping with Kerbey Lane’s commitment to fresh, local food, these mixes use natural ingredients and don’t have any transfats. They’re even certified as a Go Texan product, made in Texas by Texas employees. If you have fond memories of Kerbey Lane, whipping up a batch of these pancakes is the next best thing to being there.