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FRESH In: Organic, Vegetarian Ravioli

Just looking at the ravioli flavors made by Rising Moon Organics is enough to make me hungry. Feta-hazelnut with butternut squash. Basil, asiago & pine nut pesto. Wild chanterelle mushroom.

But there’s even better news. All the ravioli made by this company is certified organic. All ingredients have been produced under strict regulations that prohibit potentially harmful pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.

Plus, they’re all vegetarian. Some varieties, including the garlic and roasted veggie and the Mediterranean garlic and herb, are even vegan, using no animal products whatsoever. So they are high in nutrients, yet relatively low in fat and calories. (The feta-hazelnut-squash version has just 270 calories per serving, and only 3.5 grams of fat.)

Happily, there’s no tradeoff of “healthy” for “flavor.” These gourmet-quality ravioli – available in the freezer section at FRESH – are truly delicious, and appeal to kids and adults alike. (One picky eight-year-old of our acquaintance ate almost an entire package of butternut squash ravioli by himself!)

Rising Moon recommends tossing their cooked ravioli with a bit of olive oil or jarred pasta sauce. But we also like it prepared a traditional Italian way, with sage and butter. Here’s a quick way to make that dish:

Ravioli with Sage and Brown Butter

Serves 2

1 (8 oz) pkg Rising Moon Ravioli, flavor of your choice
2 Tbs butter
1/4 tsp salt (optional; omit if you are using salted butter)
2 tsp fresh sage leaves, finely chopped (about six leaves)
1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan

Prepare ravioli according to package. While ravioli is boiling, place butter in a large sauté pan and melt it over high heat. When butter is melted, add sage. Stir and cook until butter begins to turn a warm golden brown. This only takes about a minute; watch closely so you don’t burn it! Remove pan from heat.

When ravioli is cooked, drain well, then add to butter sauce in pan and toss gently to coat. Top with parmesan to serve.