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FRESH and Festive: Your Pastry Questions Answered

One of the main things that excited me about coming to FRESH to create the pastry  department was the opportunity to bring my vision of desserts to my native East Texas. I was classically trained in the French method, and I’ve worked in some fine kitchens including La Duni in Dallas, but I also grew up around here and love homestyle goodies, made with fresh, simple ingredients.

So, yes, the pastries and delicacies in our case are gorgeous, fancy enough for any special occasion. But each one is also as delicious as it looks, crafted not just to look pretty for guests but to burst with fresh flavors.

So our pastries at FRESH are probably not like most bakery products you’ve experienced before. Here are some of the differences you may notice:

Our cakes are made with real butter and fresh eggs – not shortening and egg whites. That means the texture may be denser and richer than cakes from other bakeries. We also use a simple syrup mixture to keep our cakes moist.

Our frostings are all Italian-style buttercream. Made with 100 percent butter – not shortening – our frostings are lighter than, and not as sweet as, standard bakery icings.

Our French eclairs are made with real pate a choux (a light French pastry dough) and filed with real pastry cream (made with real eggs and vanilla bean, not pudding). So they’re lighter and more delicate in texture and flavor than an American-style longjohn doughnut.

And our chocolate desserts? We start with what I consider the very best baking chocolate available – Callebaut.  It delivers an especially intense, complex chocolate flavor to every recipe, from traditional cakes to our flourless chocolate cake to our signature pastry case items.

Have more questions about our desserts? Ask at our pastry counter. We’ll be happy to help you make the right choice, whether it’s selecting a dessert for a special gathering or a sweet ending for a family dinner.