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Family Central: Healthy Food, Happy Baby

Not so long ago, baby food options were pretty limited. You either bought the processed baby foods in a jar, or you tried to find the time to make your own. (And good luck with that, if you’re a parent trying to juggle a baby along with a job, perhaps another kid or two,  a dog, and, if you’re lucky, a life.)

The founder of the HappyBaby line of organic baby and toddler foods heard her friends lamenting about these choices. She decided there was room on the market for organic foods that were as delicious and healthy as parents would make themselves – if they only had the time. She was right. For years her gourmet-but-healthy baby foods were only available in this area by ordering online, but now they are sold at FRESH.

You may have seen the CEO, Shazi Visram, in a recent American Express commercial, talking about visiting the farmers who grow the organic veggies used in her meals and snacks. The company’s frozen meals and snacks are just the kind of super-nutritious foods parents would love to see their children eat more of: The Baby Dahl + Mama Grains meal contains quinoa, lentils, and black beans, among other organic ingredients. Its version of chicken nuggets is gluten-free and uses organically raised chicken and whole grain brown rice. HappyBites mac-n-cheese sneaks organic squash and sweet potatoes into s handy bite-sized snack.

But HappyBaby isn’t just committed to using fresh, nutritious, organic ingredients; the company wants its foods to taste good. In taste tests around the blogosphere, even older kids – and some parents – have raved about the flavors! Great news, because, as any parent knows, it doesn’t matter how healthy the food is, if your child leaves most of it in her highchair.