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A FRESH Point of View: Grill Like a Pro

We’re rolling out the grill this week at FRESH, with demos and specials that will encourage you to break out the backyard barbecue for the season.

I love grilling as a cooking technique, especially in warm weather. It cooks fast, it keeps the kitchen clean, and it’s a great, simple way to impart deep flavor to meats, poultry, and vegetables. The best part? Just about anybody can grill, even if they don’t know a ton about cooking in general. Here are my top tips to help you up your grilling game, plus an easy rub recipe that you can make your own.

  1. Bring steaks and pork chops to room temperature before grilling them. Keep fish and chicken refrigerated.
  2. Season foods generously on both sides with a grilling rub or simple kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. If using oil to coat, use a canola or grapeseed oil as they better withstand the high heat of the grill.
  3. For most foods, sear it or “mark” it by first placing it over direct heat. Turn and sear the other side. Then, to finish cooking, move food to an indirect heat source. You can create an indirect heat source by lighting just part of your gas grill, or by building a fire on just half of a charcoal grill. When you close the lid to the grill, the heat will be trapped inside and finish the cooking process. Alternately, you can finish meats in the oven; this may be the best option if you are using a very small grill or hibachi.
  4. Only turn food once and use tongs, not a fork. A fork will pierce the meat and release its juices, making it dry out.
  5. If you have used a marinade, be extra-vigilant. Some marinades have a high oil content and may cause the grill to flame up, scorching food. Others have a high sugar content, which can cause meats to stick to the grill. To prevent sticking, give food time to caramelize on the grill before attempting to turn it.
  6. Let steaks, chops, and chicken rest for 10 minutes before serving to let juices redistribute before cutting.

Grilling Rub

3 Tbs sweet smoked Spanish paprika
1 Tbs cracked black pepper
1 Tbs kosher or sea salt
1 tsp granulated garlic
3/4 tsp brown sugar
3/4 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients until evenly distributed. Store in a tight sealing container in a dry, cool place.

When ready to use, evenly distribute over all sides of item and grill over medium high heat. Great for beef, pork, chicken and seafood.

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