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Well and Good: John Masters Organics

More than 20 years ago, New York hairstylist John Masters started his own personal organic revolution. Believing beautiful results shouldn’t have to come from harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins, he started mixing up his own all-natural beauty products in his kitchen.

Using ammonia-free herbal and clay based dyes from Europe, plus essential oils and plant extracts, he eventually launched John Masters Organics, the first comprehensive, luxury-organic hair care line.

Today, John Masters Organics has only gotten better. The company now creates a full line of face and body care products, too, all created with one simple end result in mind: “super natural beauty.”

In these botanically based products, all essential oils are steam-distilled, and all plant oils are cold-pressed, never heated, so you get the purest substances possible. Many ingredients are harvested here in the U.S. And rather than relying on parabans, DEAs, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms), each product uses natural ingredients that have real benefits.

The Blood Orange and Vanilla body wash, for instance, is formulated with blood orange, to promote collagen production; refreshing pink grapefruit to balance oily skin; and milk thistle, an antioxidant.

I believe you’ll love John Masters products not just for their purity and their gentleness, but how they make your skin look and feel. Super-natural, but also super-beautiful.