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From Our Freshologists: Pasta Sauce with a Twist

Pasta is such an easy go-to meal, it’s also easy to get burned out on the same old marinara and meat sauces. That’s why I like to recommend Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce.

This beautiful, orange-hued sauce is, like the name says, chock full of rich butternut squash, blended with garlic, onions and roasted red peppers. It’s delicately sweet, rich and creamy – yet only has 100 calories per half-cup serving. It’s even gluten-free.

Dave’s Gourmet made its name years back with its hot sauces, especially the aptly named Insanity Sauce – so hot that a few drops can make you crazy. But the company has branched out into condiments and sauces lately, with great results. Don’t just take my word for it; this sauce was named best pasta sauce at the highly competitive New York Fancy Food Show a couple years back. If a squash pasta sauce just sounds too far out for you, Dave’s also makes several more traditional tomato-based varieties, including wild mushroom and roasted garlic and sweet basil.