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From Our Freshologists: Food-lovers, ready to serve!

Maybe you’ll notice their shoes first: Lime green canvas tennies, the better for running down the aisle to help you find all your favorite foods.

Or maybe their uniforms: Lime green FRESH golf shirts and a practical chef’s apron, the better for diving in to slice up a kumquat to sample, or to demonstrate how to sear that sushi-grade tuna in the seafood section.

But mostly, we think you’ll notice our team of Freshologists for their ability to answer all your FRESH questions. Selected for their knowledge of and passion for food, our Freshologist Team will be on duty daily to help you navigate the store.

They’ve all got interesting stories about how they came to be here: One of our Freshologists was a longtime food-company executive. One’s a musician who also loves to cook. Another is a former journalist who changed careers and graduated from the Cordon Bleu. They’ve all trained for at least six weeks right in the store. So they know it backwards and forwards.

They can tell you where to find the cereal, suggest a recipe, and help you select a salsa that’s just hot enough. They’ll regularly be doing demos that will help you learn fresh ways to serve seasonal produce or crack the secrets of a new cuisine. And they’ll introduce you to some of our great new products: perhaps passing our samples of a gluten-free cracker in the morning, a Greek yogurt in the afternoon.

Think of them as your personal tour guide into all things yummy. Just look for the shoes.