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From our Backyard: Leigh Oliver’s – Tyler’s Own

All of the yummy quesos, sauces and dressings from the boutique food company Leigh Oliver’s start right here, in a kitchen in Tyler. That’s because company founder and owner, Leigh Vickery, not only dreams up each flavor, but creates recipe, testing them on her family and friends in her Tyler neighborhood, and tinkering till they’re just right.

Leigh literally grew up in the kitchen. Her family loved to cook, and so did she; her first job, while she was still in high school, was in a restaurant. After moving to Tyler nearly 20 years ago, she continued to cook for fun.

Then, three years ago, Leigh started selling her queso, including her famous white-cheese, green-chile version that’s now available at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. From there, the business took off. Always a foodie  – she loves trolling grocery stores and reading food blogs the way some people love to go shoe-shopping – Leigh is always on the look-out for a new flavor to add to her lineup.

Now she offers four kinds of pimiento cheese, marinara and Alfredo pasta sauces, grilling rubs and sauces, and salad dressings. They all stick to Leigh’s ideal: All natural, as fresh as possible, and a taste that makes you smile. 

Meet Leigh, and sample some Leigh Oliver treats, during grand opening week at FRESH. She’ll be doing demos and offering samples March 10-13. Look for her, and Leigh Oliver’s products, in the grocery section at FRESH!