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Fresh In: Soda

For a lot of people, soda has taken a bad rap lately. Too much caffeine, too much high-fructose corn syrup, too many preservatives and fake flavorings.

But what if you could enjoy a soft drink made with pure, real cane sugar – the same kind of natural sugar you sprinkle on your cereal or stir into your coffee? And what if the flavorings in that soda were natural and unprocessed?  We’ve searched to find sodas and soda companies that fit that bill. Our soda aisle is stocked with the best of what we found – real black cherry sodas, real root beer, authentic ginger ale.

One of my favorite lines is the natural soda produced by a French company called Lorina. Around since 1895, and still made with water from a spring near the French factory, these sparkling lemonades have been praised by no less than Oprah for their natural, bubbly flavor.

I’m partial to the original sparkling lemonade, but they also make several other flavors, including a pink lemonade, blood orange, and a delicate lavender lemonade. Not-too-sweet and very refreshing, especially during the warm weather that’s just around the corner!

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