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FRESH In: Global Flavor

The banh mi has always been a mashup of a sandwich. A popular street food in Vietnam, where they were created, the banh mi is a sandwich that usually features pork. But, dating to the French colonial period, the sandwich mixes French ingredients (crusty baguettes, mayonnaise, pate) with Vietnamese flavors (cilantro, pickled carrots, fish sauce.)

From Vietnam, the dish traveled. You can now get a good banh mi in any American city with a sizeable Vietnamese community, and many non-Asian restaurants and hipster food trucks have begun serving them too. If you’ve ever had a good one, you know why. Simply, they’re delicious, with big, bright, clean flavors, and plenty of crunch from the fresh vegetables and fresh-baked bread.

So of course, we at FRESH had to create our own, too. And ours gives a special nod to Texas. We start with our house-made crusty baguette, then stuff it with our own pulled pork, cilantro-soy-infused mayonnaise, pickled carrots and cucumber. For one last kick, we add fresh jalapeno slices.

We call it the East Meets West sandwich. Get it at our 2Go Sandwich and Taco Bar.