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FRESH and Festive: Teachable moments at FRESH

Whether you can already whip up a meal worthy of a five-star restaurant, or you can’t do much more in the kitchen than push the buttons on the microwave, we want to help you expand your cooking repertoire. So we’re busily planning a lineup of demonstrations, samplings and quick classes that will celebrate food, cooking, and Texas.

Many of our 101 classes and demos will be gatherings at the FRESH Taste Sharing Station. This home-style kitchen will have an open viewing area so shoppers can watch our guest chefs, local experts and our own Freshologists sautéing, chopping, or creating a sauce or salsa. Our 101 classes, in particular, are designed to be fast-moving, quick informational sessions that will fit your busy life and give you ideas and information to take home and try right away.

We’ll also have frequent product tastings throughout the store – giving you a chance to try-before-you buy on new and seasonal offerings. And you just never know what taste treat you’ll find. Our first week, for instance, we’ll be sampling or giving demos of gelato, salsas, cookies and, for St. Patrick’s Day, Irish soda bread. Stop by and let us share the wonders of food!