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FRESH and Festive: Cowboy in the kitchen

They call him the Cooking Cowboy.

Neil Dudley’s official title at Pederson’s Natural Farms may be vice president, but he’s also chief cook – the guy who goes out to show folks how best to cook and serve the bacon, sausage, ham and other delicious meats produced at the Stephenville, Texas, ranch operation.

“I’ve got to get it in people’s mouths, so they can see the value of what they’re getting,” says Neil.

A Texas boy, Neil grew up on a ranch, working cattle. Now he helps sell the Pederson’s products, which he describes as “never ever” – no growth hormones or growth stimulants, ever. Pederson’s also refuses to use nitrites and preservatives. That means these Texas-made meats burst with natural flavor.

Come meet the Cooking Cowboy and see him in action in the FRESH Taste Kitchen. Neal will be cooking with, and passing out samples of, Pederson’s products – always available at FRESH.