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FRESH and Festive: Celebrations

Everybody “goes green” for St. Patrick’s Day. But at FRESH, we like to go green every day.

We’re speaking environmentally, of course. And when we say green, we start with the little things.

Like those cool lime-green shirts you see our staff sporting.  The polyester they are made from is 100% recycled.

And like our to-go food containers. Everything we use is recyclable, and many, like our drink cups and our 2Go sandwich containers, can even be composted. Our biodegradable cutlery is actually made of plant starch.

But we think green on the big things too. Like our giant Orca Green composting system. Every bit of food waste from our operations – vegetable peels, meat trimmings, even bone! – can be fed into this monster. The Orca Green turns it all into a liquid that can be safely absorbed by the wastewater treatment system, drastically reducing the amount of trash we send to the landfill.

We worked the green theme from the beginning, through planning and construction. More than 95% of our construction waste was recycled, and we re-used and re-purposed wherever we could. In our floral department, for instance, look closely at the warm, weathered brick accents. Those bricks came from an original downtown Brookshire’s grocery – proving that environmental stewardship and careful conservation is just part of our heritage.