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FRESH and Festive: Azaleas, indoors

Early spring is such a beautiful time in East Texas, with all the blooming dogwoods, daffodils, red buds, and especially, the azaleas.

We’re so well-known for our azaleas, in fact, that people come from miles around to enjoy them, especially during the annual Tyler Azalea Trail. That festival began yesterday and extends through April 11 this year, offering many events, including walking tours, driving tours and flower shows.

The soil and growing conditions in East Texas are perfect for azaleas, which love well-drained, acidic, loamy soil. But if you haven’t gotten around to adding them to your landscape – or if you aren’t a patient enough gardener to do all the bed work that azaleas require – you can still bring the beauty of azaleas to your home this spring. The easy answer: an azalea tree.

These plants have the showy blooms of the azalea, but they thrive indoors. It’s traditional to place azalea trees near your home’s front entrance, so that all guests can admire their beauty. Bring one home to add a splash of spring color and fragrance to any room.