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Family Central: Healthy treats for after-school

No matter what they’ve had for lunch, my kids always seem to be starving when I pick them up after school.

But trying to serve a snack is always a balancing act. It has to be light and healthy enough that it won’t ruin dinner, but delicious enough that they’ll actually eat it. And, oh yeah, it needs to be something I can put together quickly, as often I’ve been at work all day too.

Below are three that always seem to hit the spot. All are easy enough to make that my children often help. That’s a bonus – they’re always happier to eat something they make themselves!

Yogurt mix-ins: Stir a little wheat germ or flax seed powder into their favorite yogurt flavor. It adds much-needed fiber, and they won’t even notice the addition.

Quick quesadilla: Top a fresh tortilla with grated cheese, top with another tortilla, and pop in the microwave. Cut in quarters, then serve with a side of ranch dip and carrot sticks. In a pinch, this can even be dinner!

Fruit pops: We make these all the time in warm weather; just remember to put them together the day before. Simply pour favorite juices – grape, cranberry, orange, lemonade – into ice-pop molds and freeze until firm. Let kids choose their own juice combinations. Mine will try anything, at least once – as long as they’re the ones who think of it.