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A place about food, for food lovers

Welcome to our new blog, A FRESH Peek! If you love food – cooking it, shopping for it, learning about it, or just eating it – this is the place for you.

Our team of FRESH bloggers – including chefs, bakers, and experts on everything from fruit to healthy living, from seafood to cheese – will use this space to share their favorite foodie secrets. Want to know the best way to sharpen your knives? Learn the difference between farro and freekah? (Hint: They’re both grains.) Get a great recipe for baklava or figure out which kind of olive oil to put in your shopping cart? Or learn about sales, new product introductions, or cooking demos happening at FRESH?

Then stop here daily. We’ll help you navigate the new FRESH store and the new offerings within. Here’s a roadmap to what you might expect:

Mondays, A FRESH Point of View:  Insider secrets, chef’s and baker’s tips, news about nutrition and health, and anything else you need to know, from our entire FRESH team.

Tuesdays, Well and Good:  Live healthier, live better. Learn about new health, wellness and beauty items, catch up on the latest health studies; and pick up nutrition tips.

Wednesdays, FRESH In:  Find out first what’s new on our shelves – whether it’s a new grocery product, a limited-time offering from the bakery or deli, or seasonal produce.

Thursdays, From our Freshologists:  Our faves and raves from throughout the store, brought to you by the people who know it best.

Fridays, Family Central:  Kids and parents, look here:  Quick meals; family meal planning; how to get kids to eat more than mac-n-cheese; plus great kids’ products and activities.

Saturdays, FRESH and Festive:  Rev up your weekend by getting fresh info about in-store entertainment and classes; holiday and seasonal events; entertaining tips; plus quick or weekend recipes.

Sundays, From Our Backyard:  All local, all the time – including news and notes about our local, regional and Texas vendors, farmers, food producers, musicians and events.

We’re excited to be part of your world, and we promise to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of food. And the world of FRESH.