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A FRESH Point of View: All about our bread

It all starts with the starter.

That’s the base that we use to make all our artisan breads here at FRESH. And that’s a big part of what gives our breads their unique flavor, texture and crust, and makes them stand out from the mass-produced bread you may have grown up eating.

There are actually three kinds of starters we use to make all of the 60+ artisan breads you’ll find in our bakery:

Poolish: This is a simple mixture of flour, water and yeast. It’s used in our airy, crusty breads like ciabatta, country Italian, and traditional French baguettes.

Sourdough: This starter gives the classic tangy “bite” to our 15 sourdough varieties, including multigrain sourdough and the prosciutto-black pepper loaf.

Rye: The name says it all. It’s used for all our rye breads, including pumpernickel and seeded rye.

Of course, there is a lot more that makes these breads special. Like our flour. It’s untreated, unbleached and unbromated, so it produces an all-natural, fresher loaf.

And our water. We filter all our water, so it has no residue of things like chlorine, which can kill yeast and starter, resulting in bread that’s too dense or flat.

Finally, our flavors. If we can dream it up, we’ll make it into bread. (That’s how we came up with flavors like three-chile cheese bread, and cranberry-orange breakfast bread.) So check back often to see what our bakers have in store for you.