Everything about FRESH by Brookshire’s is, well, fresh.In our store you will find the absolute freshest, highest quality produce, meat, seafood, flowers and chef-prepared specialties available in East Texas. But our fresh approach goes well beyond food.We’re taking a fresh approach to everything we do. In support of the well being of our community, we have partnered with local and Texas based vendors for as many of our products as possible. Buying local helps promote the flavors of the season as well as better connects us to the people who produce our food. It also helps keep money in our local economy while cutting down on fuel and energy costs associated with shipping the product.We sell natural, organic, chemical-free and sustainable items whenever possible. We use packaging materials that are earth-friendly, including produce bags, paper and reusable grocery sacks and prepared meal cartons and wrappers.We’ve even taken a fresh approach to the design and construction of our store. A large portion of our building was constructed with recycled materials and 75% of our construction waste was recycled. We are harnessing natural light with skylights, supplementing the irrigation system by capturing rainwater from our roof in a large cistern and recharging the groundwater system through pervious pavers in our parking lot. The most energy efficient lighting available is being used, and our refrigeration methods are designed to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease the impact on the ozone layer and climate change.And, most importantly, we have hired a friendly team of folks who care just as much about freshness and quality as you do. Our “Freshies” are empowered and educated to give advice and assistance should you need it. Our most knowledgeable experts are called Freshologists.  If you have questions, you’ll be able to see our Freshologists from across the store, thanks to the bright green shirts and shoes they’ll wear. Now here’s the best part…our guests will be known as Freshies, too. Why? Because we know you’re just as passionate about fresh food and groceries as we are!

We think you’ll find every trip to FRESH to be a truly fresh and enlightening shopping experience! 

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